For the safety and comfort of your little dog, adopt a harness that is available at Un Chien in the Marais under models of different shapes, harnesses made in different materials and especially models with different aesthetic styles, colors and patterns ideal for all the outings of your fur companion.

Dog harness, a security issue!

We know how important the safety of your little companions is for you. This is also one of the reasons why the dog harness is increasingly imposing itself as an alternative to the collar.

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But how would the harness be an asset for the safety of our dogs?

A person or animal who passes, an object that attracts attention, a sudden and intense excitement or her natural enthusiasm, of which one never tires... as many reasons that make your dog can pull heavily on his leash!

In these cases, the collar concentrates all the pressure on the neck, the larynx, or even the cervicals of the animal and can pose a risk. The dog harness allows it to distribute this sudden pressure or the traction force on its entire chest, thus preventing it from getting hurt.

The functional is good, but quid style?

A Dog in the Marais understands you, and because we know how much style matters to you and your little companions, we offer you a very wide range allowing you to find theoriginal dog harness suitable for your pet.

For the daily walk, to get out in town or to go to the park... there are for all occasions, for all dogs and especially for all tastes!

Adopt hereharness for chihuahua illustrating the space theme as the reversible model Planet at home Dukier.

Like this model, several other fantasy harnesses for little dog are available to you here, models of all colors, but mostly displaying various motifs: flowers, stripes, tiles, peas, leopard, Scottish tartan, chicken-foot, hearts, and many other evoking Christmas, ghosts, princesses, food, etc.

Discover our leather harness in pink, black, orange, fuchsia, caramel, blue and many others, with strass or glitter, adjustable models, shaped like glasses or rounds.

Dog jacket harnesses of all colors

There are several forms of harnesses, models "in H", other "in Y" or Norwegian models specially designed for the greatest comfort of the dog.

There are also Dog jacket harness, or others taking the form of a doudoune or coat as you can get at Un Chien in the Marais.

Discover for exampleHarness Puppia in the form of upholstered, waterproof or furnace with all colors, or adopt the Bombardier Poésia harness coat Ferribiella.

At the radius of the harness jacket, you will also find several fancy harnesses ideal for small dogs.


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