clothes for dog For all styles and occasions, it is at Un Chien in the Marais. Discover here clothes for summer and winter, for sunny and rainy days, t-shirts, dresses, doudounes, swimsuits, 4 pads, waterproof...

Dog clothes for all occasions!

To be at the cutting edge of fashion or to find his personal style, it is at Un Chien in the Marais that everything is happening!

The ready-to-wear is presented here in the form of a selection of t-shirts, pants, dresses, shirts, pajamas, etc. designed for all your little dogs.

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For the summer or winter, for rainy or sunny days, for its outings in town, its walks in the street or park, for its great trips, for the dandies or streetwear enthusiasts, for princes and princesses, for Halloween or for Christmas... you will certainly find the perfect outfit!

A collection of articles for dogs in organic cotton

Speaking of trend... the clothes made in materials that are more environmentally friendly keep talking about them. The "organic" cotton is fashionable!

And our dogs can also enjoy it thanks to the collection of organic cotton clothing available at Un Chien in the Marais.

Discover here some pretty little dresses,4 legs ideal for autumn, t-shirts and shirts available in several sizes, or even skull shirts usable indoors and outdoors.

This range of"organic" cotton dog clothing is signed by Lousidog.

Your allor is bet for the winter!

In our online dog clothing shop, there are for all tastes, but especially for all seasons!

When winter arrives, for example, you will have no trouble finding for your adorable allor warming clothes designed to allow it to protect itself from the cold inside and outside.

Adopt a printed or quilted doudoune, a model with an upholstered collar, or a padded model of different colors.

We also have faux fur coats, sweaters printed with various themes and patterns, polar sweaters, knit puns and much more.

Effective drying after pleasant bathing

Browse our vast shop clothes for dog online, you will find everything necessary for bathing and bathing your little companion.

It is never very pleasant to stay wet after having diped in the pool to cool off or after the bath. It's not your pet that'll say the opposite. Bee bee nid bathrobes Ferribiella Remedie that.

Also discover bathing suits of all colors and with various patterns of home Croci as well as a lifejacket designed to ensure its safety during bathing in larger areas of water.

For a walk under the rain

It's time for daily walk, but no luck it rains!

It's no big deal, because your hair friend now has his own waterproof... yes, that one you bought from Un Chien in the Marais and for which you had the embarrassment of the choice between transparent and opaque models, between the scratching impers, with powder-foot motifs, camouflage or Scottish ketan, between the trench models, hooded coat,

Don't forget your umbrella and good walk!


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