Your dog will be the finest!

For all his outings, A Dog in the Marais hasdog accessory That's right.

For your little companion to be the most elegant on any occasion, so that it is always fashionable whatever the season and so that it is always comfortable inside and outside, find here a wide range of hats, hats and caps, scarves and bandanas, socks and shoes, anti-pipipe panties, etc.

These variousaccessories for Chihuahua and other small dogs are made in different materials contributing to their aesthetics as well as to the greatest comfort of your hairy friend.

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The little plus that makes all the difference

You will find on our website the dog accessory that suits your companion, but which is also suitable for occasion. Here you can find bars in the shape of bats for Halloween or reindeer wooden bars for Noel.

And as your little companions need a good opportunity to be beautiful and beautiful, we also present a whole selection of bars in the shape of node, butterfly, cabbage or crown, all colors with safari pattern, zebra, Scotch...

For a maximum of style during your holiday in the mountain, offer him the ski glasses Croci this winter.

Fun this summer!

It's work to be a dog all year! It does not jump in the eyes, we will say some... and yet when the beautiful summer days come they also need a vacation made of games, walks, farniente and swimming in the pool.

At Un Chien in the Marais we have all the dog accessories for this summer: oneswimming pool for dog Croci from 80x20cm to 160x30cm for dip or jet pool Ferribiella for a maximum of fun, without forgetting his swimsuit a scratched piece.

Pool protection sheets, floating toys, refreshing carpets and trendy transportation bags for the summer are also available.

Cleanness is learned

When we welcome a little dog at home, we should learn cleanliness. Too young, he still doesn't know how to get our attention out of here.

For this reason, it is useful to turn toaccessories for small dogs and puppies facilitating his learning of cleanliness. For example, absorbent aisles are a perfect example.

Discover a whole selection on our online shop of models united or printed, anti-odor, or even perfumed, available in several sizes and can also be used by old dogs.

Cleanness during its walks

The dog walks are very important for him and there are several dog accessories to make each of them a success. What, for example, in the event of a sudden craving in the street or park?

Our dog accessory site presents here a wide range of pick-ups, swab-belts and refills of all shapes and colors.

You will also find a bottle of silicone cleanliness for your companion's pee on the sidewalk.


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