OW302 Imper Puppy Angel Multi Protect Raincoat Camo 200 PATTERN

Imper, signed Puppy Angel
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Maximum protection with this 4-leg imper, to be used at any time! With elasticated legs, it protects your dog completely perfectly. Multifunctional: waterproof, windproof, UV, anti-fouling and anti-nuisible. Thinking bands for more visibility. Sizes of S to 7L
S34.0 cm22.0 cm25.0 cm
SM38.0 cm24.0 cm27.0 cm
M42.0 cm26.0 cm30.0 cm
ML46.0 cm29.0 cm33.0 cm
L50.0 cm32.0 cm36.0 cm
XL54.0 cm35.0 cm39.0 cm
2XL60.0 cm39.0 cm43.0 cm
3XL67.0 cm43.0 cm47.0 cm
4XL74.0 cm49.0 cm51.0 cm
5XL82.0 cm55.0 cm55.0 cm
6XL90.0 cm61.0 cm59.0 cm
7XL100.0 cm67.0 cm63.0 cm
S13.4 in8.7 in9.8 in
SM15.0 in9.4 in10.6 in
M16.5 in10.2 in11.8 in
ML18.1 in11.4 in13.0 in
L19.7 in12.6 in14.2 in
XL21.3 in13.8 in15.4 in
2XL23.6 in15.4 in16.9 in
3XL26.4 in16.9 in18.5 in
4XL29.1 in19.3 in20.1 in
5XL32.3 in21.7 in21.7 in
6XL35.4 in24.0 in23.2 in
7XL39.4 in26.4 in24.8 in
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€42.54 €85.08

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