TS304 Tee-shirt Puppy Angel Daily Long Sleeve Blue 705

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A basic that is easy to wear and indemodible! To adopt everyday, for a casual but trendy style at a time! Wear that shirt with pants, or under a dick. Long sleeves. Composition: Cotton 95% Spandex 5% Sizes: S to 3L Also in: Black / Blue / Pink / White / Ivory / Beige / Grey / Red
XS24.0 cm16.0 cm16.0 cm
S26.0 cm18.0 cm18.0 cm
SM30.0 cm21.0 cm20.0 cm
M34.0 cm23.0 cm22.0 cm
ML38.0 cm25.0 cm26.0 cm
L42.0 cm27.0 cm30.0 cm
XL46.0 cm30.0 cm32.0 cm
2XL50.0 cm34.0 cm36.0 cm
3XL54.0 cm37.0 cm38.0 cm
XS9.4 in6.3 in6.3 in
S10.2 in7.1 in7.1 in
SM11.8 in8.3 in7.9 in
M13.4 in9.1 in8.7 in
ML15.0 in9.8 in10.2 in
L16.5 in10.6 in11.8 in
XL18.1 in11.8 in12.6 in
2XL19.7 in13.4 in14.2 in
3XL21.3 in14.6 in15.0 in
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