OW302 Imper Puppy Angel Multi Protect Raincoat Brown 175

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Maximum protection with this 4-leg imper, to be used at any time! With elasticated legs, it protects your dog completely perfectly. Multifunctional: waterproof, windproof, UV, anti-fouling and anti-nuisible. Thinking bands for more visibility.
S34.0 cm22.0 cm25.0 cm
SM38.0 cm24.0 cm27.0 cm
M42.0 cm26.0 cm30.0 cm
ML46.0 cm29.0 cm33.0 cm
L50.0 cm32.0 cm36.0 cm
XL54.0 cm35.0 cm39.0 cm
2XL60.0 cm39.0 cm43.0 cm
3XL67.0 cm43.0 cm47.0 cm
4XL74.0 cm49.0 cm51.0 cm
5XL82.0 cm55.0 cm55.0 cm
6XL90.0 cm61.0 cm59.0 cm
7XL100.0 cm67.0 cm63.0 cm
S13.4 in8.7 in9.8 in
SM15.0 in9.4 in10.6 in
M16.5 in10.2 in11.8 in
ML18.1 in11.4 in13.0 in
L19.7 in12.6 in14.2 in
XL21.3 in13.8 in15.4 in
2XL23.6 in15.4 in16.9 in
3XL26.4 in16.9 in18.5 in
4XL29.1 in19.3 in20.1 in
5XL32.3 in21.7 in21.7 in
6XL35.4 in24.0 in23.2 in
7XL39.4 in26.4 in24.8 in
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