Terrine Inné Sans céréales Pour Chat Adulte Au Poisson Nutrivet


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Finally a healthy and tasty food for your matou!

Cereal-free and gluten-free Earth with Cat Fish Adults

Without dyes, without artificial aromas, and without chemical preservatives

It is suitable for all cats even those with allergies or food intolerances. Its protein content is very high: it contains quality animal proteins from chicken meat in the recipe. It does not contain GMOs, aromas, dyes or artificial preservatives. This complete food promotes healthy growth and will help your pet grow well. Indeed, growing kittens have high energy needs, it is essential to provide them with adequate food to ensure healthy growth.

Suitable for cats from 1 Years I up to about 7 years


Meat and under animal products 62% (Saumon 4%, Truite 4% )vegetal ( Carrots 2%), fruit ( 0.7% dried tomatoes dehydrated equivalent to 3.5% tomatoes)

products of plant origin (including 0.4% inulin), minerals

Vitamins D3: 160UI, vitamins E: 100mg, zinc ( zinc sulfate monohydrate), 26mg manganese ( manganese oxide ),2.5mg copper ( copper sulfate ),1.2mg iodine ( anhydrous calcium iodate ) 0.2mg,taurine: 450mg,biotin 100ug

Humidity 80.5%,gross protein 11%,gross fats 5%,gross censers 2.5%,gross cellulose 0.4%

Sold in barrel of 150gr

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