Friandise Inné Sans céréales Anti Boules de Poils pour chat Nutrivet


A healthy Friandise to help your matou eliminate the balls of hair ingested during her daily toilet!

Friandise for cat without cereals hairballs

The Pois fiber and Yucca contained in the treats will help naturally eliminate the accumulation of hair in the intestine

Without dyes, no artificial flavours, no chemical and no GMO preservatives

60% animal origin, 40% vegetable and plant fruit and 0% cereal

Sold in pack of 250gr

Composition: dehydrated poultry 16.88%, fresh poultry 15%, dehydrated rabbit ( 14% )fécule de pomme de terre ,pois, pulp de terre greas de poultry, hydrolysat de animal proteins, whole egg dehydrated, dehydrated green tea ( 2%), beer, mineral substance, extracted from yucca

Natural antioxidant rich in tocopherol, vitamin A 20,000UI, vitamins B3 2000 IU, Fe 295mg, Cu 13mg, Mn 26mg, Zn 130mg, I 2.60mg, Se 0.28mg

Raw proteins 31%, Raw fats 12%, Raw minerals 6.50%, Raw fibres 6%

Made in France!

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