Simple Nylon harness Planet Dukier

Basic harness Planet!

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For all little dogs, dream of being astronauts. This super comfortable harness was created from very soft and durable materials. In addition, you can adjust it perfectly to your dog’s body. You, humans, would also win: thanks to its H shape, its closure and its buckles, the task of removing it and putting it is very simple.
  • Super comfortable and adjustable.
  • Made from soft and durable materials.
  • 4-point closures for better safety.
  • A super cool design.
Sizes: S (Cou: 30.5-46 cm / Case: 38-54 cm) / M (Cou: 30-60 cm / Case: 48-70 cm) / L (Cou: 50-78 cm / Case: 64-100 cm)
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