The purchase of a staircase for dog is essential if your pet is small or is suffering from joint pain. This accessory becomes necessary to facilitate its daily life. He helps him climb the bed, climb a barrier, etc. But you're not gonna buy him any stairs. Indeed, it is essential to find the model that best corresponds to its needs and characteristics.

A staircase for dog to move more easily

The dog staircase is a useful accessory to more than one title if you have a companion canine at home. This is all the more true if your pet has a small and elongated morphology. Physically, it is difficult, if not impossible, to climb on the couch, by car, etc. With a dog footwalk, this is no longer a problem. It benefits from a suitable help for greater ease of movement.

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Buy onedog ramp or a staircase gives it a better comfort on a daily basis. From now on, it can easily climb or descend from a place located in height. This necessarily reduces the risk of long-term injury. This help is all the more appreciable when you are absent from your home and there is no one to request.

Number and size of steps and material

It is not always obvious to choose thestaircase for dog to climb on the bed which suits your hairball. In order not to deceive you, it is essential to understand his abilities. This allows you to determine the number of steps and especially their size. On our site you have the choice between models with 4 and 3 steps.

The choice of material is also of great importance. For the comfort of your dog, choose a soft and warm touch material. One.walking foot for dog in faux fur will be perfect for example.

A model that meets your desires

In addition to the number and size of the steps, the design and design must be taken into account. Indeed, as this equipment will be present in your interior, make sure that the chosen model pleases you. If you prefer discretion, a model with neutral colors is more suitable. In addition, for its use not to be a problem, it is advisable to opt for a light and not bulky staircase. Similarly, it must be easy to install and store.

To satisfy all the desires, we offer on our site many models of staircase for dog: you have models of false fur leopard, beige, etc... Ourstairs for dog are, moreover, completely dehoussable so that you can easily maintain them. And to facilitate their transport, they have a handle in the back.


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