My first exits

It is usually advisable to offer your little companions their first outings before the age of 3 months so that they get used to outdoor life: noises, animals, people. To prepare them properly, A Dog in the Marais brings together a range of dedicated equipment and accessories for you.

A successful first release that it rains or makes it beautiful

For the very first exits of your dog, several factors must be taken into account as the time it does!

To ensure that its first walks in the outside world are a success, several clothes allow you to protect your dog from the weather hazards, such as the K way for dog Ferribiella.

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In the summer or in the winter, whether it is beautiful or rainy, whether it is snowing or selling, A Dog in the Marais has the doudoune, the sweater, the jacket, the sweater, the retardant or the jogging it needs. There are for all tastes: clothes of all colors or with various patterns!

Adopt a khaki knit sweater with leopard print for a first "tendance" or a pink hooded fleece to avoid catching cold. For the summer, choose a polka dick.

Transport bags and strollers for long trips

During his first long journeys, it is necessary to turn to a means of transport that will allow your adorable everything or not to get tired during these trips. At his age, he will need all his energy to play and discover more in depth the outdoor environment.

These means of transport are now available in several forms, materials and aesthetic styles.

Discover our selection of transport bags, including elegant and discreet models in Similicuir de Ehgia, approved models Air Fly of Freedog for his first trips by plane,k-way for dog de United Pets, 2-in-1 models for air and car trips or ultralight carrier bags made of ultra-resistant fabric.

In addition, a Dog in the Marais presents a selection of trolleys anddog strollers also thought out to allow our naked friends to gradually discover the street.

Necklaces and harnesses for all tastes!

For his first outdoor experience, offer your little dog a simple walk, a small path that will allow him to discover in detail the world around him. He will not fail to sniff and taste things.

For a successful first release, discover with a dog in the Marais a wide selection of dog harnesses and collars of different shapes, colors and materials designed for the comfort and safety of your new pet.

For example, adoptfluo collar for dog available in orange, yellow and pink orbandana collar for dog delivered with a blue or pink striped leash.

You will also find here jacket harnesses or jackets of all colors with different patterns, ideal for all the outings of your allou.


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